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Sample orbit plot.
Plots may be chosen by orbit number or by start and stop times. Coordinate systems available are Solar Magnetospheric(GSM); Solar Ecliptic(GSE) and Solar Magnetic(SM). The GSM system has its X direction to the Sun and the X-Z plane contains the dipole direction. The GSE system has its X direction to the Sun and its Z direction along the ecliptic pole. The SM system has its Z axis along the Earth's magnetic dipole and the X-Z plane contains the solar direction with X roughly toward the Sun. ASCII listings of the orbital position of POLAR are provided as part of the ASCII listing of the Magnetic field data.

You may choose to draw plot by orbit number or by time.

Draw Plot with Orbit Number

  By Orbit (34 - 5586)

Draw Plot with Start/Stop Time

  By Time (1996 Mar 20 00:00 to 2007 Sep 15 18:39)

You may choose the coordinate system.

  GSM   GSE   SM

You may choose the plane of projection.

  X vs Y
  X vs Z
  Y vs Z
  X vs Sqrt(Y^2 + Z^2)

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