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The ISEE-1 and -2 magnetometer data server is provided by the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (IGPP) at UCLA, through a grant to Robert J. Strangeway from the NASA Space Physics Data System (SPDS)

We would appreciate an acknowledgement of any use of these data.

Data Availability

Data at 60-s and 4-s resolution are available for the entire ISEE mission (October 22, 1977 through September 25, 1987) and can be displayed either as a plot or an ASCII listing.

FTP Server

Large quantities of data are available through an ftp server. Data available through the ftp server is in IGPP flat file format.

Magnetometer Description

The ISEE-1 and -2 magnetometers (Principal Investigator Christopher T. Russell) are described in detail in the paper" The ISEE 1 and 2 Fluxgate Magnetometers" by C. T. Russell (IEEE Trans. Geoscience Electronics, GE-16, 239-242, 1978)

Data Request Form

Please choose a time range.

Start time:
(The format is YR MON DY HH:MN:SC, e.g. 79 sep 11 04:00:00)

Stop time :
(The format is YR MON DY HH:MN:SC, e.g. 79 sep 11 05:00:00)

Note: It is recommended that you request intervals of less than 1 day for 60-s data or 2 hours for 4-s data. However, you may request up to a maximum of 4 days for 60-s data or 12 hours for 4-s data. Please be aware requests over the recommended intervals will take longer due to the load on our server, especially during the peak hours between 9 am and 5 pm PST.

Please choose the spacecraft.


Please choose the resolution.

  Please choose a coordinate system for 60-s data:
  Spacecraft (near GSE) GSM
  Ancillary data:
Note: The ancillary data quantity is only available if the selected coordinate system is also shown in parenthesis.

  Data in spacecraft (near GSE) coordinates only.

Please choose to plot the data or retrieve an ASCII listing.


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