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Solar Wind Data (GSM)

You may plot or retrieve ASCII data from the WIND SWE and MFI, IMP8, ACE and NEAR spacecraft (Updated November 06, 2013).

Data is available for the following intervals:

WIND:     1994 NOV 01 00:00:30 - 2018 OCT 30 23:59:59 (except 10/28-14 - 11/30/14)

IMP 8:    1996 MAR 05 03:10:00 - 2000 JUN 02 08:36:06

ACE:      1998 JAN 23 00:01:02 - 2018 JUL 31 23:59:59

NEAR:     1997 AUG 08 15:00:00 - 1998 JAN 30 00:00:00
          1998 JUL 17 18:00:00 - 1998 DEC 27 21:00:00
          1999 FEB 12 00:10:00 - 2001 FEB 18 18:40:00

PVO:      1978 DEC 06 00:00:00 - 1988 AUG 07 10:50:00
PVO, Wind, ACE, and IMP8 data are in GSM coordinates, but NEAR and PVO are in pseuod-ecliptic coordinates.

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Please select parameters to be examined.

WIND Time, Vx/V, Vy/V, Vz/V, V, Np, Vth, Perp Press,Entropy

WIND Time, RBx, RBy, RBz, |B|, Cone Angle, Clock Angle, Dyn Press

IMP-8 Time, Bx, By, Bz, |B|, Delay Time(X/Vx)

ACE  Time, RVx, RVy, RVz, V, Np, Tp, #He/H, Perp Press

ACE  Time, RBx, RBy, RBz, |B|, Cone Angle, Clock Angle, Entropy, Dyn Press

ACE  Time, CS, CA, VMS, MMS, Beta, EE-W

NEAR Time, Bx, By, Bz, |B|
(in NEAR Solar Orbital Coordinates with distance from Sun to Earth and NEAR, ecliptic longitude difference NEAR-Earth and NEAR ecliptic (attitude))

PVO  Time, RBx, RBy, RBz, |B|, V, Np, Tp, Perp Pressure

PVO  Time, Perp Pressure, Dyn Press, Entropy

Note: All parameters in GSM unless otherwise noted. ASCII requests include space craft position (X, Y, Z).

Please enter time in the fields below.

Start time:
Time format is YYYY MON DY HH:MN:SC, e.g. 1996 mar 29 00:00:00

Stop time :
The format is YYYY MON DY HH:MN:SC, e.g. 1996 mar 30 00:00:00

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