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Plot of Polar MFE Full Resolution Data

 •  Low (1 minute)
 •  High (6 second)
 •  Full (8.3 s/s)
 •  Low (1 minute)
 •  High (6 second)
 •  Full (8.3 s/s)
Data resolution is 8.3 samples per second. Plots are limited to 30 minutes of data. If you need to view a longer period of data please return to our data server for the 1 minute and 6 second data.

Time Format
All data are displayed in UTC. (Note: Prior to June 2004, this data server used International Atomic Time (TAI) for data collected in 2000 and onward. TAI differs from UTC by fixed increments where a leap second occurs. On JAN 1 2000, a time in TAI could be converted to UTC by subtracting 32 seconds. For a table of conversions from TAI to UTC, click here).

The coordinate system for these high resolution data is spacecraft coordinates with Z along the rotation axis of Polar, X along projection of sun in spin plane.

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  Observed Field (Spacecraft1 coordinates only)
  Model Field2
  Observed Field minus Model Field

1 Z along spin axis; X along projection of solar direction in spin plane.
2 Model field is IGRF 95 + TSY96 with Dst = 0nT; Pdyn = 2nPa; IMFBx = Bx = Bz = 0nT

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