Active Magnetospheric Particle Tracer Explorer (AMPTE)

Delta Rocket

This mission was a joint US - German - UK endeavor with the US providing the
Delta Rocket Launch

Charge Composition Explorer (CCE), an equatorial mission with apogee close to 8 Re, with Germany providing the Ion Release Module (IRM) with an apogee close to 20 Re and the UK providing the UK Subsatellite (UKS) in the same orbit as the IRM. These spacecraft, stacked in the shroud of a Delta rocket, are shown in Figure 1. The IRM spacecraft is at the bottom of the stack. The UKS spacecraft served as the adapter ring between the CCE on top and the IRM on the bottom. The magnetometer was provided to the UK by UCLA. (D.J. Southwood serves as P.I. of the magnetic field investigation). Figure 2 shows the launch of the spacecraft. The UKS spacecraft provided data until January, 1985.

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