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Current Activities

Committee Chairmanships
M. B. Moldwin, AGU Space Physics and Aeronomy Section's Education and Public Outreach Committee
R. M. Thorne - Space Physics IDP Planning Committee 2007- present
R. M. Thorne - Solar Variability Faculty Search Committee 2006-2008

Committee Co-Chairmanships
R. M. Thorne - GEM Working Group on Diffuse Auroral Precipitation 2007- present

Committees Memberships
M. B. Moldwin - NSF GEM Steering Committee
R. J. Strangeway - NASA Sun-Earth Connections Data and Computing Working Group.
R. M. Thorne - Faculty Executive Committee 2007- present
R. M. Thorne - Graduate Admissions/Recruiting 2006- present

Principal Investigatorships Flight Missions
V. Angelopoulos - THEMIS MidEx Mission
C.T. Russell - Dawn Discovery Mission
M. B. Moldwin - DSX Magnetometer
C. T. Russell - Multiscale Magnetometer

M.G. Kivelson - Cluster Magnetometer
C.T. Russell - Cassini Magnetometer
C.T. Russell - Rosetta/ROMAP
C.T. Russell - Venus Express Magnetometer
C.T. Russell - BepiColombo MMO-MFG
R. M. Thorne - JUNO: Chair of Radiation Working Group 2005- present
R. M. Thorne - RBSP: Theory Lead on RBSPECT particle observation team 2005- present
R. M. Thorne - RBSP: Theory Lead on EMFISIS wave observation team 2005- present

P.J. Chi - SPA Newsletter
P.J. Chi - GEM Newsletter
C.T. Russell - Planetary and Space Science (Editorial Board)
C.T. Russell - Space Science Reviews (Planetary Editor)

AGU Section President
R. L. McPherron

C.T. Russell, NSF/GEM Program.

Program Committees
R. J. Strangeway - Deputy Organizer, Symposium D36, “Advances in Understanding Field- Aligned Currents and Their Role in Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling,” 37th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Montreal, Canada, July 2008.
C. T. Russell - Co-organizer, "Ground Magnetometer Arrays in the New Millennium: Results and Prospects" Spring AGU 2009.

Planning Committees
R. J. Strangeway - Member NASA Heliophysics Mission Planning Working Group.

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