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Opportunities for Students at IGPP
  UCLA graduate students who are studying space physics in either the Earth and Space Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences or Physics departments are encouraged to apply for a research assistant position in the Space Physics Group. Positions are generally available with the active space flight missions and with numerous individual research efforts funded by NASA and by NSF. Please contact Prof. C. T. Russell (,or Dr. Bob Strangeway ( for more information.

The Space Physics Group has research assistantships for qualified graduate students working in the following areas: the magnetospheres of Jupiter and the Earth, auroral processes, numerical simulations, of the solar wind interaction with the terrestrial magnetosphere and interplanetary coronal mass ejections.

  UCLA undergraduate students may find employment in a variety of roles: assistance in the engineering laboratory building scientific instruments; processing data from scientific satellites; undertaking science research projects. Please contact Marjorie Sowmendran ( for more information.

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Last updated: April 27, 2010