Past Missions

PVO entry into Venus Atmosphere

UCLA is recognized internationally as a leader in planetary and space physics. UCLA space physicists participated in the very earliest space missions such as the Mariner and Pioneer series. They supplied flux

ISEE Launch

gate and search coil magnetometers and particle spectrometers for the Orbiting Geophysical Observatories; magnetometers for the Advanced Technology Satellites 1 and 5, for International Sun Earth Explorers 1 and 2; for the Apollo 15 and 16 subsatellites around the moon; for the Pioneer Venus Orbiter; for the Active Magnetospheric Plasma Transfer Experiment; for the Galileo mission to Jupiter for the POLAR and FAST missions around the Earth, for the Australian FedSat mission, NASA's three spacecraft ST5 mission and the US Orion mission. UCLA space physicists have also participated in the VEGA mission to Halley; the Phobos mission to Mars; and the NEAR mission to the asteriod 433 Eros.

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