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AGU/SPA Home Page
Most space science research in the US is reported in the journals and at the meetings of the American Geophysical Union in the Space Physics and Aeronomy section. This home page links to information about the AGU/SPA, journals in the field, meetings, education and outreach and the people and institutions involved. AGU provides a helpful resources page for AGU authors.
IJW/IOPW Home Page
The International Jupiter Watch was founded in 1984 to encourage and coordiniate the study of time variation in the Jovian system. This page provides links to the efforts of the various disciplines working groups of the IJW.
The 2nd IACG Campaign
The Inter Agency Consultation Group has established three campaigns to foster collaborative studies of solar terrestrial and heliosphere processes with the spacecraft associated with the ISTP program. The second of three campaigns concerns "Boundaries in Collisionless Plasmas."
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Much of the funding for basic research in space physics come from either NASA or the National Science Foundation. Information about the NSF and its grants program can be found at the site.
NSF/GEM Home Page
The space physics research at NSF is covered by the Division of Atmospheric Science of the Geosciences directorate. Much of the research in the area is coordinated by a program called the Geospace Environment Modeling (GEM) program. The page provides links to the activites of this program.
NASA Home Page
Since space physics research frequently requires in situ investigation with satellites, NASA is a major player in the activities. This site provides access to the information about all of NASA's programs and includes a link to its proposal processing site and its research solicitations site.
ESA Space Science Department Home Page
One of the six divisions of this department Solar System Division provides project support activities to all ESA solar system missions including solar physics, space physics and planetary physics.
NSSDC Home Page
The National Space Science Data Center is the repository of much of the information gathered by the space exploration program. This link provides access to NSDC's services.
Space Science Information Systems
This page provides a directory of resources of interest to the planetary and space physics community. It is maintained by T. King.
Satellite Situation Center
Provides trajectory information for space physics missions. Locator Graphics provides plots for user defined intervals.
ACE Science Center
ACE was launched into a L-1 orbit on August 25, 1997. This center provides Level 2 science data on the solar wind, IMF and energetic particles.

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